Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Johnny Monsarrat Wears a Tux for Taco Bell

October, 1994. I was a graduate student at Brown University in the computer science department. It was my birthday, and my guard was up, because I knew several people who wanted to get revenge on me for the nice pranks that I played on them, such as the Dance Club Elevator and Ice Cream Attack pranks. Two friends from the Brown Artificial Intelligence lab, Kostadis Roussos and Tim Brennan, and my then girlfriend Christine Huo offered to take me to a nice restaurant for a birthday dinner. Christine said, "It's a nice restaurant. Make sure to dress up!"

Johnny Monsarrat tuxedo
Kostadis (right) gets his revenge on me!

Then later that day, Kostadis urged me, "Make sure to dress up!" Hmm. Seems to be a lot of emphasis on dress, I thought. In my paranoid state, this gets me wondering. What if they take me to a restaurant, but it's not a nice one, but I'm all dressed up? I get it!

At least, I thought I got it. So I went out and rented a tuxedo so that the prank would be really great if that was their secret plan. But when Kostadis, Tim, and Christine arrived, they were also dressed up. Whoops. Okay, I made a mistake. We got in the car to leave.

We drove, and drove, and drove towards the fancy restaurant they had in mind. All the way they were talking about how expensive it would be and what a great restaurant it was. I was embarassed to have rented the tux, and disappointed that there was no prank. I had been looking forward to something a little unusual. Bummer.

Tim, was driving, said, "I gotta stop at the cash machine", and we pull up to an ATM. Suddenly, everyone got out of the car and pulled off their fancy clothing to reveal shorts and t-shirts.

It's Taco Bell! That's the fancy restaurant.