Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Valentine's Day for Chris

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 1997. When it's Valentine's Day and you don't have a partner, it's nice to get some attention. One of our programmers, Mike, got the idea to play a nice prank on Chris Dyl, a team leader. Chris was my brother's best friend and one of the first employees we hired. Ha! I say hired like we paid any money. Chris was certainly in the first 10 people that I took on, working feverishlyl to create the best videogame ever in my Mom's house in rural Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Mike's idea was to cover Chris Dyl's desk with Valentine-themed wrapping paper. This required us to run out to the nearby pharmacy and then clear off everything on his desk to apply the paper. It was easily done! This nice prank was in honor of and to show appreciative for Chris' hard work. How about you? What pranks have you played for love?

Chris eventally became the most long-lived employee of Turbine, staying with the company a total of 17 years -- ages in entrepreneur time -- and being the CTO for most of that time!

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