Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Johnny Monsarrat "Wheat Puffs" Jeremy

February 21, 1996. It's Jeremy's birthday!

Work can get in the way of having a good time, even at a videogames company. In early 1996, we had been too busy at Turbine to plan extravagant pranks. But after the Wall of Wheat Puffs Prank, I felt we had to do something for Jeremy, one of the people behind that prank. And as the CEO, when tell people to goof off, they get paid for it. Team leader Jeremy was having a birthday, so I took the whole company to a Johnny Monsarrat lunch to celebrate: about 30 people. During the meal, I snuck away from the table and got the chefs to prepare the dinner that Jeremy had ordered with a special twist. He got chicken parmegian, with pasta, but underneath the pasta... Shaw's Frosted Wheat Puffs!

Wheat Puffs for Dinner!

Fortunately, they also cooked a second meal, so Jeremy could enjoy his dinner puff-free. A good time was had by all. I always find that a bit of love and adventure inspires employees. Rather than being a waste of time, I think that nice pranks help to motivate people and you get more loyalty and creative work from them!

Okay, I hear you. This prank was kind of lame, but we were very busy during this time trying to ship our first videogame and land a distribution deal with Microsoft (which we did). But it's part of a Turbine tradition, and it was the last Wheat Puffs event until the year 2000, when my friend Rick got me -- at my wedding in front of 160 people!

Wheat Puffs for Dinner!