Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Johnny Monsarrat and the Alien Abduction

March 5, 1995. It's Tim Brennan's birthday again. After the ice cream prank last year, I needed something to top it.

A bunch of us, including Tim Brennan, Joe Angell, Adam Smith & Lisa, Jason Lango, Tim Miller, David Harif, and my then girlfriend Christine Huo, dressed up as aliens from outer space. Our intention was to "abduct" Tim and take him out to lunch. Just being around all these strangely dressed people would be surprise enough.

Alien Abduction prank
Remain inconspicuous!
Johnny Monsarrat alien

Tin foil is magic.

One of us arranged to meet with Tim, innocently, for study purposes. We gathered in the main lobby of the computer center and hid. We were dressed as cartoony aliens who didn't know how to blend in with humans. Our garish colors were "normal" dress for humans, we were quite sure. Remain inconspicuous!

We waited, and waited. Tim was late. He was sleeping in.

OK, so we'll go storm him in his dorm room! That would work. We brightly colored individuals journeyed up the hill to where Tim was snoring softly.

Johnny Monsarrat prank
Come with us!
(Note the phone book.)
Johnny Monsarrat abduction

Suddenly, we saw a car driving towards us, down the hill. It was Tim! Remain inconspicuous! ( Of course, he saw us. )

Running headlong down the hill, eventually we caught up with him. With a plastic "disk" gun, we performed the abduction in the lobby of Brown's main computer center.

Unobtrusive group meeting

Joe, Tim, and Jon.

Announcing that Tim must be the leader of the humans, we dressed him in a special crown as King, gave him a sceptre, a robe, and a necklace Christine made with Rice Krispies treats.

Tim was very embarrassed. We managed to herd him out to the street and up to a local restaurant. Several passersby stared. One couple walked into the restaurant, took one look at our group, and walked out again. ( Strange people like computer hackers take a perverse pleasure in delivering the unusual to the general public. )

Tim loved the prank, and was a really good sport. Soon he started planning his revenge!

This human must be their leader!