Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Johnny Monsarrat's Wheat Puffs Revenge

1995. After the Wall of Wheat Puffs incident, whatever we did had to involve Shaw's Frosted Wheat Puffs somehow. I am pleased to say that if you do a google image search for "Shaw's Frosted Wheat Puffs" that all you get are my photos from pranks. So I guess we were the biggest fans of Shaw's Frosted Wheat Puffs ever.

The day started with Jeff opening presents from his family. One of the presents was a box of Wheat Puffs! Jeff also discovered a box on his desk. He figured that was it for the evening. He was escaping us, going on a date with a woman we'd never met and didn't know.

Wha?!? Wheat puffs?!?

However, we were craftier than that. Somehow, Kevin reached Carol by phone, and she was a good sport. We asked her to go to the movie theater and ask for "chocolate popcorn" at the refreshments counter.

Then Jeremy and I drove over to the theater, and talked the nice refreshments workers into taking a box of frosted wheat puffs.

When Jeff and Carol arrived, and she gave the codeword, Jeff got a popcorn bucket... filled with wheat puffs! They brought them into the theater and ate them. Yum!