Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Star Wars Cards for Jeremy

February, 1997. It's Jeremy's birthday again! This means it's revenge time -- in a nice prank way.

Since the Star Wars movies are being re-released, I get the idea of pulling a prank when the Turbine employees go to the opening day of Return of the Jedi. I'd like some way to get the audience to wish Jeremy a happy birthday. Hmm... about a variant on the ice cream prank?

Star Wars 1978 Cards!

I purchased a box of old star wars cards, and with a fee got the movie theater to allow me to make a presentation to the audience. I used the theater's microphone just before the movie started. "It's Jeremy's birthday! If you wish Jeremy a happy birthday, get a free Star Wars card!" I handed Jeremy the box.

This prank went only so-so because by the end of the movie, most people (even these opening-day fanatics) had forgotten about the cards. Also, I think Jeremy really wanted to keep them!