Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Gadzooks, it's Harvard!

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Let me know if you play a prank on your own MBA class!

Fall 1998. Turbine, the videogames company, just kept growing and eventually I realized that having zero business experience -- and close to zero work experience at all -- was not great for me as a CEO.

So I went back to MIT to get an MBA, which was backwards, because normally you should get the MBA first and then start an improbably successful company. But whatever. It turned out that I liked business for the same reason I liked writing programs. Both involve solving out interesting problems. The main difference is that in the programming world, you sit in a dark hole and speak to the same dozen people every day. As a guy with an MBA, I would get to be more social, and also I was starting to realize that there's more to life than making the biggest and best videogames ever. (It's true.)

Part of business school was studying examples of how companies were run, and usually these lessons came written up as "case studied". Apparently Harvard -- just down the river from MIT -- has a big engine for pooping out case studies, and it was clear that many of these case studies were puff pieces intended to put someone on a pedestal -- with their active knowledge and encouragement. It became tiring. So one day I wrote my own case study and left a stack for students to take as they came in for class.

See the case study!