Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Calling all Willie Nelsons!

July 2011. Not all my pranks are from ages ago. My best friend Rick got me to subscribe to a casting call email list. Crazy stuff here in Boston, but a lot of films are shot here now thanks to discounts. Using some magic, I sent Rick and email that looked just like it had come from the casting call company. Here's what it said:

Casting call for 6 foot 2 inch, 40 year old man with ponytail to play sidekick for Arnold Schwartzenegger in new film that may be a sequel to True Lies. Seeking Willie Nelson type.

Lil' Willie!

It was a part that seemed tailored for Rick. That's because it was tailored for him! It was his age, his weight, and he had a ponytail.

I was expecting to get a phone call from Rick, because at the bottom of the email it said "April Fools!" even though it was July -- the best kind of April -- but Rick became so excited that he never read that far down. Instead he forwarded the email to several friends, none of whom read all the way down either. So eventually I picked up the phone and called him myself.

He told me the great news about the audition, and further told me that he was getting an emergency hair styling to mirror the Willie Nelson style. (Apparently it wasn't the same as Willie Nelson's. I guess I need to brush up on my ponytail knowledge.)

The original

Now at this point, the prank was in danger of turning bad. Rick was about to waste his entire week, plus money at the hair salon on this. I had two choices. First, I could stage an elaborate lunch for Rick and surprise him by inviting all of his friends. Or, I could just tell him. Neither of us had the money or time for a lot of tomfoolery, so I just told him.

Aw! Poor Rick. He had his heart set on meeting Arnold Schwartzenegger. I'm sorry. Still, he earned it, especially for the Microsoft Wheat Puffs Prank, where he 'wasted' an entire week of my time so as not spoil the fun!

A few days later, to punctuate the prank, I sent Rick this doctored photo with him as Willie Nelson.