Johnny Monsarrat April Fools

Johnny Monsarrat and the Box of Mystery

I like this title because it reminds me of the titles to the Indiana Jones movies. And I have played an Indiana Jones prank and own the hat, the coat, and the whip. But that's a story for another time.

May, 2011. Waltham, Massachusetts transforms itself into International Steampunk City, and I show up dressed (like everyone else) in a combination of 1850s Victorian longcoat and top hat, but also with futuristic gadgets. Along with me, I carried a dangerous-looking box that I had bought from an Indonesian importer. The festival took place across the city, so I ventured far and wide, including the main common and going into the Charles River Museum of Invention, which ran the event.

The dangerous looking box with skeletons was my excuse to approach everyone I saw and say in a spooky voice, "Do you dare to look in the box of mystery?"

Of course, this made people curious and when they cautiously went to lift the lid, that's when I'd startle them by exclaiming, "BEWARE! Of what you may find inside."

Then when they dared to look in -- chocolates! Ha! I had several people take photos and three sent them to me. At the start of the day I was feeling down. I hate going to events on my own. And I know what it's like to feel like alone in a big crowd of people, all of whom ignore you. So the box was a great excuse to meet people and brighten their day. I saw so many interesting costumes and got to take part in the parade!

I also made a new friend, my crazy friend Wendy who does metal detecting, so I made her this cute website with an animated Wendy. Wendy thinks she is a hobbit, and I eventually got to take her to a movie premiere and introduce her to Lord of the Rings movie star Liv Tyler, and another time I introduced her to LOTR star Sean Astin. But those are stories for another time.

For another prank that took place recently, see the Little Willie prank!

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