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Johnny Monsarrat, Jon Monsarrat, Jonathan Monsarrat
Johnny Monsarrat, Jon Monsarrat, Jonathan Monsarrat

Johnny Monsarrat still remember my 5th birthday. Mom called me into the kitchen for breakfast and served me a cereal, toast, and orange juice on a wooden tray. But the toast was cardboard, smeared with butter and jam. The cereal was shredded carboard. I don't mean that it tasted like cardboard. She was serving me cardboard for breakfast!

This blew my mind. Jon Monsarrat was the perfect victim. At five, not only had Jonathan Monsarrat never seen a prank, Johnny Monsarrat had no concept of prank. Jon Monsarrat stared at her like the world was suddenly unreal. So my own mother messing with my head was how Johnny Monsarrat learned what a prank was. But it was a nice prank, just like the Wall of Wheat Puffs Prank that she and friends played on me 20 years later.

When I grew up and went to MIT, I found the students there would put a phony police car on a rooftop, or hang six-sided die the size of a trailer home in the lobby. Whether I took part I cannot say, but I seemed to always be nearby.

These are nice pranks. A nice prank makes its 'victim' giggle. It honors someone you care about. A prank is never super-inconveniencing. You set the prank up, you take it down. How about you? Send your prank ideas to or just write me to say hello. I'd love to hear from you!

Here's more on me and my crazy projects. I hope you enjoy these wacky stories!

-Johnny Monsarrat

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